Entry to the Exhibition is FREE
27 Oct To 26 Jan 2024
Open 7 Days
Warders Upstairs
at Pentridge Prison Tours

Please note this exhibition is on display upstairs in the former Warders Residence and is only accessible via stairs.

Could the shadows speak? And if so, what would they say?

Immersive exhibition from photographer Brent Lukey delivered in collaboration with Anthony Artmann, sound design

In a new exhibition now open at Pentridge Prison Tours, photographer Brent Lukey captures a side of this infamous prison seen only by its inmates and staff. Step into a realm where history meets the present, where the past whispers its stories through the shadows.

Brent’s work focuses on history without sentimentality, emphasising the present and what remains. The abandoned prison, with its bluestone structure, is devoid of personal items but brims with a ghostly aura. It’s a self-contained world with its unique character, rules, and emotions.

As an artist, Brent was drawn to the spirit in the silent doorways, shadows, and peeling paint that has witnessed the prison’s history. Brent delved deep, feeling the weight of isolation in the cells, with sunlight offering a glimpse of hope. See how Brent uncovers their stories through his captivating work.



Brent Lukey is a professional photographer specialising in portraiture and interiors. He regularly photographs portraits of artists and creatives. His work has been a finalist in the Olive Cotton Award, Moran Photographic Prize, Perc Tucker Photographic Portrait Prize, and the Australian Photography Awards (documentary).

In addition to his commissioned work Brent follows an art practice in both the street and the studio. These photographs consider the way time and place can reflect our sense of self, our identity and our interactions with the spaces and objects around us.

Brent also shares a personal connection to Pentridge Prison, his grandmother worked in the Prison.

Brent is supported in his work through the City of Melbourne’s Creative Spaces program. Visit Brent’s website here. 



Please note this exhibition is on display upstairs in the former Warders Residence, and is only accessible via stairs.

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