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Pentridge Prison, National Trust
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From the time spent inside by some of Australia’s most notorious criminals to the anecdotes and lived experiences of thousands of people over several generations; the National Trust hosts explorative tours that will immerse you in a shared history of unsettling truths.

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This is an invitation for curious minds to learn about a past that is confronting to discover, yet crucial to not forget. 


All ages

Ages 16+

All ages

Ages 16+

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    B Division Tour

    All ages
  • 2.

    H Division Tour

    Ages 16+
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    Family Tour

    All ages
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    Night Tour

    Ages 16+
B Division
Pentridge Prison, National Trust
Pentridge Prison, National Trust
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B DivisionPentridgeThrough time

Experience a century and a half of inmate and warder history, and the changing models of justice over time from 1851 to 1997. Retrace the footsteps of masked inmates under the all-seeing eye of the guard’s watchtower.
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Known as Hell Division to its inmates, this tour covers the dark heart of Pentridge. Your tour guide, with the aid of the latest audio-immersive technology, will enter this maximum security unit and uncover the difficult truths of H Division. Individuals under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, and parental guidance is strongly advised.
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PrisonBreakExplorersFamily Tour

Escape with the kids on Pentridge Prison Tour’s new family tour, and discover the history of Australia’s most infamous prison. Suitable for children of all ages, this tour will take families inside H Division and the wider precinct.
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Night ToursA discomforting experience

As night descends upon Pentridge Prison, your tour guide will lead you through the notorious tales that have established H Division's reputation as a fearsome correctional facility. Through cutting-edge audio-immersive technology, you will be able to listen to accounts from both inmates and guards who were part of this high-security unit, revealing the harsh realities of H Division. Please note that this tour is exclusively for individuals aged 16 and above.
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Tales FromBehind the Bluestone

Julie Payne, former Prison Officer of Pentridge Prison, offers first-hand accounts of life working behind the bluestones in this unique tour and talk experience. Saturday 16 December. 

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Located in Coburg, 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD. The best landmark to look out for is the Pentridge Clock Tower just off Sydney Road. We look forward to welcoming you to Pentridge soon.

Go to Warders for all Tours & Ticketing. This is where you’ll meet your guide

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Explore another side of Pentridge—where unspoken secrets come to life. Stories gathered over the years from guards and inmates, acknowledge the confronting history while raising deeper questions.

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The WardersBuilding

Head to the Warders building to meet your tour guide. This is where you also purchase or collect your tour ticket.

Browse the Pentridge-related book selection or head to Warders Upstairs and spend time exploring the exhibition and collection space.

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    We offer programs from history and humanities to maths and geography.
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    Venture behind the bluestone walls.
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