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Experience a century and a half of inmate and warder history, and the changing models of justice from 1851 to 1997. With your guide and the latest audio-immersive technology, you will retrace the footsteps of inmates under the all-seeing eye of the guard’s watchtower.

Pentridge Prison, National Trust
Pentridge Prison, National Trust

B Division, which now serves as a functional urban retreat retains several aspects of its notorious past as a prison. Join your guide on a tour that spans 90 minutes, exploring the changing eras of justice from 1851 to 1997.

As a visitor, you will have the unqiue opportunity to explore areas of the division not open to the public, including the remains of the Panopticon – an airing yard designed in the late 18th century for surveillance, control, and punishment. Additionally, you will visit the former Chaplain’s office and prisoners’ cells in B Division’s South Wing.

State-of-the-art audio technology will enhance the experience, featuring the actual voices of former guards and inmates, and providing a more immersive journey through the cells. This is a chance to uncover the rich and complex history of B Division. Book your tour today and discover a world lost to time.

Please note that parental guidance is strongly advised.

B Division Tour

  • $35 Adult
  • $30 Concession
  • $25 Child
  • Tours run daily
  • 90 minutes guided tour
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